Vampire Ball

You are cordially invited to an Endless Night gathering – The Salem Vampire Salon, on September 28th, 2019 at the Hawthorne Hotel. This event is the central gathering for the Vampire Culture (VC) community of Salem and New England.

WHAT IS A SALON?: Different the large Vampire Ball, Salons are intimate and magical dark lounges. You will encounter music, mystery, entertainment, performances and ritual. Dancing capped with a howl at midnight and dedication to empowering elements of the Vampire Mythos.

BLACK on BLACK (No Color!), aristocratic formal attire as seen on the Vampire Salon Pinterest. (See dress code section below) Example Ladies Attire Example Gentlemens Attire)


GENERAL COVER: $40 (online purchase only. GET TICKETS HERE ) Must be 21+, abide by the Vampire Salon Code of Conduct.

VIV TICKETS: $80 (online purchase only. GET TICKETS HERE )
– Access to General Cover and events for the evening (see agenda)
– Swag Bag Filled with Salem Goodies
– Free Signature “Bloodbath Cocktail” (Cocktail Hour)
– Open Bar (Cocktail Hour)
– Passed hors d’oeuvres (Cocktail Hour, vegetarian options available)
– Private performances (Cocktail Hour)
– Private setting for discussion (Cocktail Hour)
– Vampfangs Insider Access for 2019 (Exclusive In store and online promotions, special invitations to private Vampfangs Events and more!))
– Must be 21+, abide by the Vampire Salon Code of Conduct.



Since 1996 the Endless Night has hosted events in New Orleans, New York, Tampa, Paris, Amsterdam, Dallas, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles and now Salem.  With venues like Limelight, Bar Sinister (LA), The Castle Ybor (FL), Machine de Moulin Rouge (Paris) and many more. Learn more 

Endless Night Events are public, professionally run events hosted by the Sabretooth Clan geared towards those of Neo-Victorian, Vampire/Vampyre, Steampunk, Pagan, Fetish, Medieval and Gothic cultures. Learn More About Events

Endless Night welcomes all who seek to contribute to the experience and culture of our events and community. Our mission is to provide a safe, premium and immersive entertainment experience. For those wishing to know more about Vampire Culture please obtain and read a copy of “BLACK VEILS : The Vampire Lexicon.” Learn More

The way that attendees dress is important to the overall feel and energy of the event. We want you to look and feel your very best. The dress code listed below is strictly enforced. If you fail to comply with dress code, you will be denied admittance to the event, and no refund will be issued. The dress code below is a guide to help. If in doubt, wear all formal black (cocktail dress or classic black suit). 

(All Black) BLACK on BLACK Formal Vampire attire is required. This includes dress corsets, cloaks, formal Baroque, Edwardian, steampunk and formal Pagan attire. Masks are acceptable, so long as they are elegant, and/or in line with the underpinnings of the Event Dress Code. Fangs are encouraged!!

No sneakers, flip flops, or sandals, street clothes, t shirts, baseball caps, sports jerseys, khakis, or blue jeans. No super hero costumes, or other cartoon characters. No uniforms that depict any form of neo-nazism or fascist symbolism.

In the instance that you are denied entry, you may challenge their denial by requesting a review by one of the three Masters/Mistresses of Ceremonies. In the event that none of them are available, the decision of the Gatekeeper shall stand.

Example Ladies Attire

Example Gentlemens Attire)