A Sweet History of Perfume

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A Sweet History of Perfume

Perfume has been around for thousands of years and has also played an essential role in society. Take a look at the history of perfumes and how they went from scented animal fat to the lovely fragrances we sell today.

Perfume use began in ancient times. In ancient Egypt, people applied oil-based salves scented with different fragrances. Perfumes were expensive and prized, often stored in alabaster bottles.

For celebrations or special events, men and women would wear cones of solid perfume on top of their wigs. These cones would melt, releasing the scents into the environment. By the end of the night, the place would smell sweet and pleasant.

One of the most popular Egyptian perfumes was a scent called Susinum, a mix of lily, myrrh, and also cinnamon. We suspect it smelled very similar to our fragrance Funeral Parlor, a unique blend designed to smell just like an actual funeral parlor—soft, a little spice, and a little somber.

Perfume became popular in Europe in the Age of Enlightenment. Louis XV of France wanted everyone in his court to smell sweet, which led to the nickname “the perfumed court.” The public admiration of perfume evolved from appreciating a good scent to also protecting people from “impure air,” which was thought to be the cause of diseases.

A recipe for a perfume made for Marie Antoinette reveals that the Parfum de Trianon was very similar to our fragrance Dragon’s Breath—floral scents with amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and a bit of musk. If you want to smell like the famous beheaded queen, check it out.

The view of perfume changed in Europe when Queen Victoria rose to power. The queen disliked strong scents and preferred light floral fragrances. So, people followed the queen in fashion, and scents featuring violets and other flowers became popular.

If you want to share a scent with a proper Victorian lady, try our FM fragrance. This light floral scent makes you also smell sweet and desirable.

Perfume changed again in the 1920’s when synthetic fragrances became available. Instead of a long process of collecting essential oils from various ingredients, perfumers were able to use synthetics to create the perfect scent. At this time, many classic perfumes rose to popularity, such as Chanel No. 5.

Today, perfumes are available in a wide variety of scents, and we’ve got a good selection for you. Do you want to smell like a Salem Witch Shop? Or do you want to try the citrus and musk scent of Bitten? Your signature scent doesn’t need to come in an expensive crystal bottle. Take a look at what we have for you.

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