Best Goth Bars in the U.S.

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Best Goth Bars in the U.S.

Where do you go to get your Goth on? You’ve probably got a local spot that you love, but when you go on a trip or want to try something new, where do you go? Take a look at some of the best goth bars around the U.S. for some new ideas. Did we miss your favorite place? Let us know!

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Los Angeles

Bar Sinister Logo - Vampfangs Article: Best Goth Bars in the USBar Sinister—At this club, gothic/alternative dress isn’t only encouraged, but you can get a discount to enter just by dressing as yourself. Enjoy live music or themed events. Take a peek around on their website and social media and you will see why they have been name “Best Club for Sinful Pleasures” and “Best Nightlife” by LA Weekly!

Try: Purgatory, a private room for kinky scenes and shows. Safety and respect are the top rules here, so feel free to explore your darker side in a comfortable space.

All photos used with permission. Visit their Facebook page for more great photos of their events!


Exit Chicago—“Chicago’s Original Punk Bar” offers an eclectic mix of themed events, ranging from “Bondage-A-Go-Go” to “F*ck It Fridays.” You want to spend an evening flipping off The Man? Go here.

Try: CMF Metal Sundays—each Sunday, Chicago Metal Factory presents a mix of all things metal. It’s different each week, so come by to see what they’ve got!



The Church BDSM Academy: Vampfangs Article - Best Goth Bars in the USThe Church—Located in a haunted trolley car station, this club has theme parties often and great live music every week. Past events include a Gothic Beauty Pageant and Zombie Prom. If you want to learn the “ropes” be sure to check out their Bondage Academy…an interactive, immersive BDSM experience!

Try: Sunday Mass—instead of sitting through a traditional Mass ceremony, worship the gods of old and let out your inner freak to your favorite music each Sunday.



The Cauldron—This is a new bar, but it looks promising! Step inside a medieval tavern and let out your inner witch. Relax with a drink or enjoy the art displayed by local artists.

Try: The Herbal Hex, a potent cocktail of chartreuse and gin.


Ceremony—Visit this goth club in the heart of Boston for live music and more. Past events include Goths Gone Wild, Snow Ball in Hell, and Destruktathon.

Try: Experience gothic electronic music with local DJs at industrial/EDM nights.


Numbers—The 80s never died at this nightclub. The venue’s been host to live music from artists such as Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, and Beastie Boys. Numbers is a club for all walks of life, and hosts more than just gothic events—but goth attire and attitudes are always welcome.

Try: Underworld monthly events for darker gothic nights out.


Las Rosas—This bar is pretty much your basic dive bar, but it welcomes people of all lifestyles. The décor will make you feel right at home, from the neon rose to the chandelier hanging over the bar.

Try: Words & Wine, a weekly open mic night event.

New York

Madame X—This burlesque bar in NYC is perfect for a classy night out. Local artists display their work here, and live events occur regularly. This bar attracts a very diverse clientele, so you’ll fit in whether you’re decked head-to-toe in black or looking like a normie.

Try: The Salon Rouge Lounge, a relaxing space with dim lighting and velvet red decorations and furniture.

Portland, OR

The Lovecraft Bar—This unique place is themed after the works of H.P. Lovecraft, a favorite of goths and steampunk fans alike.

Try: Check out a queer night event to meet local LGBTQ+ people and release any inhibitions about yourself.


DARQ Salem—Want to meet the gothic scene in America’s witchiest city? Check out DARQ’s industrial/goth night at KOTO, a bar in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts.

Try: Check out the DARQ Gala for an opportunity to dress in your most glamorous gothic look.

San Diego

Club Sabbat—Known for being San Diego’s top gothic underground club. Enjoy music from local gothic DJs or watch the live burlesque and fetish events.

Springfield, MA

Haven—This is a club located in an old church next to a graveyard. Enjoy drinks, live music, and like-minded people at this one-of-a-kind goth club.

Try: Check out a Goth 101 event or a geek-themed night for a gentle introduction to the gothic lifestyle.

There are hundreds more local haunts, hangouts, goth clubs, and other attractions around the United States. We’ve just picked a few we like—but we’d love to hear your opinions on more!

All photos used with permission from respective club and/or rights holder.

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