Blue Contacts – How To Choose the Right Style

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Blue Contacts – How To Choose the Right Style

Types of Blue Contacts

You can find blue contact lenses that come in many different styles, shades, and designs. Costume lenses are traditionally opaque, and are generally used for theatrical purposes, although some types can be used for everyday wear. Some blue cosmetic lenses are less opaque and let some of your underlying eye color show through. Sometimes this creates some really fun color variations and can give you a really unique look.

vampfangs shiva custom contact lensesPurpose – Opacity – Style

Determining the purpose that you want to wear blue contacts will help steer you to the right lens choice. Theatrical purposes, beauty and cosmetic, party and fun, all influence your decision. Decide whether you need an opaque lens, or if you are comfortable with your eye color showing through at all. Once you determine your reason for wanting them, and the opacity you need, your choices to pick from should start to narrow.

Top Choices for Theatrical Blue Contacts

If you are looking for vibrant blue contact lenses that are opaque, then you are in luck. We have several different styles to choose from, and can even custom create lenses for you in the lab! Two of the most popular styles are Angelic Blue contacts and our Lestat contacts. The Angelic Blue lenses are so vibrant, you will see them across the room. The Lestat lenses are a bit more subdued and have a more purplish/blue hue. Both of these styles have a dark black limbal ring around the perimeter, which is meant to mimic the natural pattern of the human eye.

vampfangs blue wolf custom contact lensesNatural & Vibrant Blue Contacts

If you are looking for vibrant color, but with a more natural feel, try the Color Max contact lenses. The Blue Color Max and Aqua Color Max are the best options if you are definitely decided on a pair of contacts that are in the “blue family.” These contacts are a little less opaque than the lenses in the Angelic Contacts Collection, but the color still has a touch of vibrancy. The overall coverage is great, just be aware that your underlying eye color may show through the lens. Other options in this category are any of the blue variations from the Immortal Line. Great for adding color when you don’t want the theatrical look.

Glow in the Dark Blue Contacts

Glow in the Dark Blue Contacts are a fun addition if you are planning on hitting the club, rave, or a blacklight event. These glow in the dark contacts glow under blacklight and are a unique way to express yourself and turn some heads. Be sure that your event will have blacklight, since the lenses won’t glow without it. In normal light conditions, and also in the dark without blacklight, these glow in the dark contacts have a pastel hue. Even when they aren’t glowing… they sure look cool! The color is generally opaque with this style lens, but depending on how dark your natural eye color is, you may see shadows of it beneath the lens.

Blue contact lenses are a great way to have some fun with color, or as a natural looking way to change your eye color. Spend some time determining which style and color hue is right for you based on your reasons for wanting the lenses.

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