Contact Lens Rule – Answers to Common Questions

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Contact Lens Rule – Answers to Common Questions

Contact Lens Rule – Answers to Common Questions

Do I need a prescription to buy non-corrective contacts?

Yes. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies ALL contact lenses as medical devices. In order to legally purchase contact lenses in the United States, the seller MUST get approval from your eye care professional.

Is this a new law?

No. The Contact Lens Rule has been in place since 2004. Unfortunately, not all sellers abide by the law. We are fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, and will NEVER put profits above safety.

How long does the approval process take?

After your purchase, you will receive an email from us requesting info. Once you provide your eye doctor’s information, we will contact them immediately. By law, they have 8 business hours to respond to our request.

What if my eye doctor doesn’t respond?

The law makes sure that your eye doctor can’t ignore our request. If your eye doctor doesn’t respond after 8 business hours, your order is approved. We will process it at the lab and ship it out to you right away!

Does the contact lens rule apply to overseas customers?

No. The Contact Lens Rule only applies to buyers that are located in the United States. If you are located in another country, we can ship your order out right away.

Have there been any recent changes to the law?

No. The law has remained relatively unchanged since 2004. There are periodic workshops and public comment periods, but the rule is the same today as it was 1 week ago… 1 month ago… 1 year ago.

When can you ship my contacts?

We can only ship your contacts after receiving an approval on your order. Your order can be approved 2 ways: an approval response from your eye doctor OR if 8 business hours pass without a response from them.

Do weekends count towards the 8 business hours?

No. Although the rule permits it under certain circumstances, we do not count weekend hours since each doctor has varying hours. We count the traditional days/times: Monday through Friday, 9 am – 5pm.

Can I buy contact lenses without a prescription?

No. It’s against the law. Illegal contacts from shady sellers are unsafe. A valid prescription from an eye care professional is required to purchase ALL contact lenses. This law applies to Plano (non-corrective) contacts also.

What if my prescription is for another brand?

According to the law, all substitutions have to be approved by your doctor. Sellers are NOT allowed to substitute without approval, except under very strict circumstances. Not following this law could result in steep penalties.

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