Dark Couple Goals

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Dark Couple Goals

February is the month of love. There’s Valentine’s Day, opportunities to cuddle in the cold weather, and one of the most popular times of year for couples to get engaged. We like it a little darker than a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Check out our #couplegoals below.

Batman and Catwoman: A superhero dressed as a bat and a cat burglar wearing a very literal catsuit. Sounds like a strange couple, but the will-they won’t-they tension across their fights and run-ins is just too enticing to pass up. Also, black leather suits look great on everyone.

Bonnie and Clyde: The couple that kills together stays together. We don’t recommend going on a cross-country crime spree like this duo, but you and your partner can take some style inspiration from the sexy danger of this 1930s gang couple.

Brad and Janet: This innocent couple is thrust into the world of the weird in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The two let out their dark sides and explore their sexuality while trapped in this world, but ultimately return to each other without question.

Dante and Beatrice: If you’ve ever read Dante’s Inferno or any other of the poet’s works, you know how he loved Beatrice. History says she did not return his feelings, but the idea that he would very literally travel through Hell for her is still considered romantic today.

Gomez and Morticia Addams: Few couples are as functional and long-lasting as the Addams. Gomez and Morticia embrace all things dark and strange and care for each other and their family over all else. Just watch an episode of the classic show or one of the movies, and you’ll feel the love instantly.

Jack and Sally: You’ve probably seen The Nightmare Before Christmas at least once, and you know how perfectly these two complete each other. Sally encourages Jack, even when she doesn’t agree with his goals. Also, they’re a walking skeleton and rag doll—that’s just cool.

Jonathan and Mina: Mina is one of the greatest Gothic heroines, as she falls victim to the original Dracula, but still fights to save her fate. Jonathan, her fiancé, refuses to give up on her even when she slowly becomes a monster. Would your partner fight through hell for you?

Layla and Majnun: This 17th-century Arabic story tells of the tragic love between the daughter of a merchant and a local boy. Layla’s father separates them, and Layla dies of heartbreak. Majnun stayed beside her grave and carved poetry on a rock nearby until his death.

Marie and Pierre Curie: Marie Curie is the definition of a badass woman, and Pierre supported his wife in all her endeavors. The couple made important discoveries in the field of radiation, while Marie fought for her acknowledgment as a woman in science, and cared for the couple’s daughters. Get yourself a lover who supports you just the same.

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd: True, these two came from a pretty ridiculous kids’ show, but who doesn’t like a villainous couple trying to rule the world together? Lord Zedd’s terrifying appearance beside Rita’s outlandish but impeccable style made them a treat to see on screen.

You don’t have to be as tragic as these couples to be in love. You can show your lover how much you care with a dark gift this Valentine’s day that reflects the true nature of your relationship. We’ve got gothic jewelry and perfumes that can bring a fanged smile to your partner’s face. Check out the collection now, and have a happy Valentine’s Day in your own unique way.

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