FAQs: Cat Eye Contact Lenses (Part 2)

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FAQs: Cat Eye Contact Lenses (Part 2)

Answers to Common Questions About Cat Eye Contacts

Do cat eye contacts stay in place?

Lenses that are weighted with a prism ballast (like the ones listed here) will stay in place while you are wearing them. But not all cat eye contacts are created equal. Cheap, poor quality lenses won’t stay in place and will rotate while in your eye.

How do I keep cat eye contacts straight?

Unfortunately, if you bought a cheap pair of cat eye contacts, they will be dancing in your eyes like you are partying it up at the prom! All of the lenses listed in this article have weighted prism ballasts that help keep them straight while they are in your eye.

How long do cat eye contacts last?

Contact lenses can last from one day to one year, depending on the brand. All of the lenses referenced here are good for up to one year from the date of open with proper care and cleaning. If they remain sealed, they can last for several years. The expiration date should be clearly marked on the lens vial.

Who sells cat eye contacts?

You can find them for sale in many places online and in person. Just be sure you are buying from a reputable seller. All sellers are required by Federal Law to verify that you have a prescription, even for non-corrective lenses. If the seller doesn’t require it, they are illegal and unsafe lenses.

Do I need a prescription to buy cat eye contacts?

Yes. Even if you don’t need corrective lenses, you need approval and a prescription from a doctor. All contact lenses are considered medical devices, and all sellers are required to get approval from your doctor. Don’t risk your eyes with illegal and unsafe lenses.

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