Love Bites: February Playlist

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Love Bites: February Playlist

When we asked Vampfangs Salem staff member Victor if he would be interested in putting together a playlist for February… his eyes lit up and he could barely contain his excitement. Victor has been DJ’ing Goth Nights at local clubs for years! He has seen a lot and is passionate about the music that has played such an instrumental role in the lives of so many. Here are the 14 songs (in no particular order) on Victor’s Classic Goth February Playlist.

Oh! We also asked him for a little insight about his top 3… so be sure to check out the deets below!

  1. “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” (6 min. 19 sec.), by Dead Can Dance 
  2. “Alone” (Original Version, 5 min. 56 sec.), by Nosferatu 
  3. “Love Like Blood” (6 min. 49 sec.), by Killing Joke 
  4. “Sleeping In The Fire” (4 min. 45 sec.), by W.A.S.P. 
  5. “Ruins” (5 min. 06 sec.), by O. Children 
  6. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” (3 min. 39 sec.), by Joy Division 
  7. “Temple Of Love” (Extended version, 8 min. 09 sec.), by The Sisters Of Mercy 
  8. “Dance D’Amour” (3 min. 59 sec.), by The 69 Eyes 
  9. “Wicked Game” (3 min. 54 sec.), by HIM 
  10. “The Beast” (3 min. 54 sec.), by Concrete Blonde 
  11. “Love Is A Razorblade” (3 min. 22sec.), by Combichrist 
  12. “Filthy Design” (4 min. 43 sec.), by Aesthetic Perfection 
  13. “Military Fashion Show” (The faster tempo/Dance version, 4 min. 9 sec.), by And One 
  14. “Miss You” (1 min. 33 sec.), by CORPSE 

“Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division is frankly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Ian Curtis’s voice… so full of angst. Sadly, he took his own Life in May 1980, at the age of 23- right before Joy Division’s first North American Tour. This track was released the following month. Singles become so much more poignant when I think of it’s creator/singer.

“The Beast” by Concrete Blonde is simply brilliant. It paints a pretty morbid outlook on Love, to say the least, but I adore “The Beast!” Hey… that rhymed. Sorry, couldn’t help it. In my opinion, Johnette Napolitano (the lead singer) has one of the best voices ever! My absolute fave part amidst all of the awesome lyrics:  

Love is the leech, sucking you up
Love is a Vampire drunk on your blood
Love is the beast that will tear out your Heart
Hungrily lick it and painfully pick it apart

Rounding up my Top 3 is “Temple Of Love” by The Sisters Of Mercy. I have danced my ass off to this amazing track countless times at the Goth/Night Clubs for years! A fast paced, fun track with great vocals from Andrew Eldritch. The original was made in 1983, and then it was re-recorded in 1992… this time featuring the voice of the Legendary Ofra Haza (Rest In Peace).  And this is my favorite version.

Stay tuned for more playlists from Victor and other members of the Vampfangs Crew! 🦇🖤🦇

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