The Magic of Internal Make-Up

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The Magic of Internal Make-Up

I recently posed a question on Facebook about whether people felt us as Americans have become desensitized to horror. If we have just expected a better quality scare or better quality effects in all media surrounding us. The response was overwhelming. We have. We expect better… we expect it to be realistic and believable in all its graphic and disgusting nature. Although we hate to admit it… it’s the truth.

Which leads me to this weeks blog. The Magic of Internal Makeup.

Wait… what? Internal makeup? No I have not lost my mind. Let me explain. I will break it down into two categories.

Teeth and Eyes

For those of you that have been following me over the years you know I am a big fan of teeth and eyes. Well… hence Vampfangs right? I can wear an amazing set of lenses and put in some crazy teeth and thats all I need to create a character. Something about effects that are inside the body. It just sells it better. In fact I think that I get more of a character response if that’s all I wear. Well, I mean costume and makeup… not running around naked LOL.

The aspect of looking into someones eyes and seeing something supernatural. Something that fx lenses can only create, still has a powerful effect on people. Same with teeth. But they need to be realistic and believable.

Now this idea isn’t just for horror or monsters. It can affect everyday beauty makeup as well. Using contacts to brighten the eyes. Special dental tricks to improve and brighten our smiles. It all has such a powerful effect on our image. I would much rather see interesting eyes and a cleaner smile than any beauty makeup in the world. What good is airbrushed makeup if the eyes and teeth are dull? Think about it…. would you rather look at a girl with pretty eyes and a big bright smile or a girls with flawless makeup with dental issues and dull eyes? Bright smile and eyes wins every time.

Inside the Gore

The other part of internal makeup I want to discuss is horror and wounds. Or more important. Inside the wounds. When we think of gore what are we really looking at? We are looking at the trauma… or more importantly… inside the trauma. So many makeup artists starting out focus too much on the mess. The blood and neglect the actual wound itself. Blood is cool and all…. but it has to be believable and SPARSE. Show the wound…. show the skin… show inside the wound… that’s what will really sell it. What does it look like inside the person that’s cut open? Is it realistic? Focus on that and your makeup projects will look 1000 times better.

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