Most Popular White Contact Lenses

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Most Popular White Contact Lenses

White Contact Lenses

White contact lenses are the most popular color choice for Halloween and other theatrical events. They are available in a wide range of styles and you can use them for a wide variety of characters. This short blog post lists the top 3 most popular white contact lenses based on the millions of monsters we have helped create in our 25 Year history.

White Out Contact Lenses - Vampfangs

White Out Zombie Contact Lenses

White out contacts are the #1 best seller, and for good reason. The classic design is versatile and you can use them for countless different costumes and characters. The eye is stark white with the center left open for your pupil which creates a possessed and unworldly look. The white of the lens blends right in with the white sclera of your eye, and contrasts starkly with the pinpoint, jet black pupil. People use them most often as zombie contacts, but you can certainly use them as vampire contacts, or for any monster, demon, or undead character.

White Manson Contact Lenses - Vampfangs

White Manson Contact Lenses

Next in line on the best seller list: White Manson Contacts. This design is a variation of the classic white out contact lenses. It is the same base pattern, except for a dark black solid ring on the outer edge of the lens. This creates amazing contrast against your sclera’s white color. Marilyn Manson made this style popular and is the reason why people sometimes refer to these lenses as “Mansons.” This design is very popular for zombie costumes and also for vampire costumes, undead, possessed, and other monsters.

Angelic White Contact Lenses - Vampfangs

Angelic White Contact Lenses

Angelic White Contacts round out our Top 3. The major difference in this style is the pattern of the outer edge of the lens. This is referred to as the limbal ring. The artists designed the pattern on this lens to mimic the natural limbal ring pattern of the human eye. It is deep black, jagged, and adds a touch of class to the lenses. If you want people to do double takes, then the Angelic Contacts are for you. This pattern is also available in many other colors, and can be found in our Angelic Contacts Collection.

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