[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Vampyre Psychic Parlour Opens in Historic Haunted Building

Vampyre Psychic Parlour - Maison Vampyre
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[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Vampyre Psychic Parlour Opens in Historic Haunted Building


Maison Vampyre Offers Residents and Visitors Rare Glimpse Into Vampyre Magick

Maison Vampyre AnnouncementSalem Vampire History.

Vampyres (in the magickal sense) and Vampire Culture have a long history in Salem, but have been relatively dormant for more than two decades. The opening of Vampfangs’ flagship store in 2018, the debut of the Endless Night Salem Vampire Ball in 2019, and now the launch of Maison Vampyre in 2021, have all set the stage for a continued resurgence of the Vampyre Witch as an integral part of the fabric of Salem’s Magick Community.

Beginning on March 1st, Salem’s very first Vampyre Psychic Parlour, located at One Derby Square will open to the public, giving a rare glimpse into the lesser known tradition of Vampyre Magick. Guests are invited to experience personal or group readings from members of the local Vampyre community. If you have been looking for an opportunity to connect with Vampyres, then this is your chance.

The Setting.

“Maison Vampyre is elegant and uniquely themed- a perfect backdrop for such a personal, dark, and private experience. The character of the building is simply beautiful,” says Alexis Pharae, Vampyre, reader, and Co-Owner of Vampfangs and Maison Vampyre. “Local haunted walking tours also stop frequently at One Derby- it is widely known as one of the most  haunted locations in Salem.” If the thought of getting a psychic reading inside of a haunted, historic building sends chills up and down your spine, then Maison Vampyre should be top on your list!

Maison Vampyre - One Derby Square

Pharae, along with fellow readers June Jennings and Kris Gurky report having paranormal experiences inside of the 1816 building. “It’s such an honor to practice my craft in such an active location. It’s truly an amazing experience,” said Jennings. “Each of us have had our own experiences with the energy here,” she continued.

Vampyre Psychic Offerings.

In addition to traditional psychic readings, Maison Vampyre also offers a unique curation of products and specialty services. Energy work, astrology readings, guided meditation, and crystal clearings are just some of the experiences available. Personalized add-ons focus on herb, crystal, and candle magick. The team plans to offer in person and virtual classes and group events later this year.


To request an invitation to Maison Vampyre, please visit VampyreHouse.com. Booking opens later this month, with the first appointments scheduled for March 1st. Be on the lookout for more announcements! Sign up for our Newsletter on VampireHouse.com! If you are looking for a truly unique experience during your visit to Salem, then your search is over. 

Maison Vampyre Crest

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