Smile Wide with Realistic Fangs

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Smile Wide with Realistic Fangs

You know that your costume needs to stand out. You know you need better than the cheap plastic fangs you can find at any dollar store. Most of all, you know you want to be comfortable while you rock your fangs all night long. 

We’ve got the solution for you. Our fangs are comfortable and range from subtle to scary. Want to be a beautiful vampiress? Try Scarecrow Subtle or Classic Fangs. Want to flash a full set of scary teeth at everyone who pisses you off? True Breed Vampfangs Veneers are for you.

If you’re looking for simple, classic fangs, check out the Scarecrow brand fangs. You can get the kit, customize your fangs to your teeth, and pop them in. They’ll last years, and will be comfortable enough for hours of wear at a time. You can speak like you normally do with these fangs, though we don’t recommend eating, sleeping, or biting anyone while wearing them.

Transform your mouth with a set of Vampfangs veneers. Customize the teeth to fit perfectly in just minutes, and wear them for hours without any discomfort! You can talk normally with these teeth, but we don’t recommend eating with them in—and definitely don’t bite anyone!

Custom fangs won’t break the bank, either. Veneers start at $9.99, and we don’t skimp on a quality fit for any fangs or veneers! You fit them to your mouth yourself with a quick, easy-to-use kit. Wear them to your Halloween party or scare trick-or-treaters this year!

Yes—we can get these to you in time for this year’s Halloween. Order now and get free shipping on orders over $50! Pair your fangs with the perfect colored contacts and FX transfers, and you’ll have a terrifyingly realistic costume to scare your friends and family!

Still not sure if these fangs are right for you? Feel free to talk to us, and we’ll help you figure out the perfect accessories for your costume.

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