Vampfangs Salem Is Open!

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Vampfangs Salem Is Open!


We have not closed… We have not reduced our hours. Quite the contrary… we have just expanded our hours… and we are rewarding you for taking advantage of it!

We call this… HAPPY HOURS. 

First, because vampires are always happy! And second… Why would anyone want just one happy hour? So… Here are the details:

For the remainder of October, Vampfangs Salem will open seven days a week at 9 AM. Any guests that are in line prior to 11 AM will receive 13% off everything in the store! No exclusions. No limitations. Everything in the store. 

This is rare for Vampfangs in October. Consider it an early gift and our way of saying “Thank You” for planning ahead and spreading out your day! Save. Shop early. Avoid the lines.

Due to some confusing messages being broadcast on social media and the internet… many of you have contacted us… confused about whether you can visit our Salem store. You may be seeing images and messages floating all over the Internet about Salem being closed. There are definitely restrictions in place for Halloween weekend… but no one can “close” Salem… any more than they could erase Halloween’s existence on the calendar. 

Let’s say this again… really loud for the Vampires in the back with the pretty fangs but who might not hear so well:


Stop in while you wait for your table at one of our neighbors that serve delicious breakfast, or after sipping your favorite morning hot drink. 

Safety Protocols.

If you haven’t been to our shop before or if you are returning to visit Salem once again… Here are a few things that we want you to know about the safety protocols that are in place at our Salem shop. 

Depending on the day that you are visiting the shop, there may be a line. Please be sure to follow the instructions of our vampire at the door and to maintain at least 6 feet between you and the other parties around you. Be courteous. Keep your mask on. Also… please don’t be a jerk by smoking or vaping around others.

By our front door, you will see a hand sanitizer dispenser. Don’t worry though… It’s automatic. Having to touch messy gel pumps just isn’t what us Vampires like to do. So… Just wave your hand under the sensor and repeat after me… Vampires, cleanse me.

Lastly, and most importantly… Keep your mask properly secured and make sure it is covering your mouth and nose at all times when you’re inside the shop! We have zero tolerance for any noses peeping out or removal of your mask for any reason. (We know that you will want to catch a quick smell of our amazing incense and candles… but trust us… You will be able to smell them right through your mask.)

Our team works hard and we love them all. It is our number one priority to protect their safety. If you cannot respect them, our other guests, and our space, you are not welcome. Period. Mask up or move on. 

Stay safe, Vamps.

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