Wearing the Occult

Dark Alchemy Apparel available at Vampfangs. Representation of the 4 elements, plus Ether. We call this our Elemental Hoodie.
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Wearing the Occult

Words and symbols have power. You have the ability to make those symbols work for you by the way you combine them. This can be as simple as speaking ancient words or wearing meaningful symbols on your clothing. Vampfangs is proud to now carry Dark Alchemy – a new line of apparel that celebrates alchemic symbols and ancient runes—and can possibly share their power with your life.

Vampfangs, Dark Alchemy, philosopher's stoneEach design includes the Dark Alchemy symbol, which represents the Philosopher’s Stone. The stone means far more than being a Harry Potter plot device—it stands for immortality, perfection, and a path to enlightenment.

Vampfangs, Dark Alchemy, Life Eternal, Occult ClothingThe wish for enlightenment and immortality is evident in the Life Eternal shirt. The main ingredients of alchemy are displayed in the unique design. Combining these elements or their symbols has led to great discoveries in science and magick. What will they do for you?

You might have seen the triple moon symbol in our jewelry, and we are pumped that Dark Alchemy included it on a shirt—the waxing, full, and waning moon are a symbol of the power of life. The moon phases represent first beginnings and excitement, then fulfillment and stability, followed finally by wisdom and rest.

They’ve used Germanic runes to bring you Thrive. The runes on this unisex shirt will bring you the things you need to make life worth living—joy, love, success, and positive change. It’s a good shirt to wear when you need the scales tipped a little more in your favor.


Is balance in nature vital to you? It should be—it’s how the world ensures everything is going as it should. Do your part to contribute to the balance of nature and the universe by wearing the symbols of the elements in perfect harmony on their Elemental hoodie. The design is beautiful, the effect is wonderful, and the hoodie is crazy comfortable.

Rise & Evolve! Make sure you’ve got positive intentions, and only positivity will come to you.


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