Welcome to the new Vampfangs!

Welcome to the new Vampfangs!

We are so excited to launch this new version of Vampfangs! As we say goodbye to bloated and busted BigCommerce and switch to a system that is so much more user friendly! Over the next couple weeks we will be making some enhancements as we prep the site to interact with Google properly and speed things up! Here is some of the things that we are really excited about.

  1. ALL SECURE! Vampfangs is now HTTPS secure! Every page is encrypted to protect your shopping experience!
  2. More streamlined! Finally you can store your payment info for easier checkout! And finally Pay with Amazon!
  3. Every product page has a discussion link. Rate products, ask questions or upload photos and videos!
  4. Cooler mobile experience that makes checkout faster
  5. Contact lenses are searchable by color, rx and brand!
  6. All accounts get issued a personalized monster avatar lol
  7. No more stock issues! If we don’t have it you will see a link to one of our resellers that does!

So interact with us! You can now comment on these posts! I read each one and value your input!

Onward and upward!


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