Zombie Contact Lenses Inspired By Film And Television

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Zombie Contact Lenses Inspired By Film And Television

Zombie Contacts To Push Your Halloween Character Over The Top

If you are creating a zombie look for Halloween, then you have come to the right place! Want to base your character on a certain type of zombie that you saw on a popular television series or in one of your favorite movies? If you have already decided on the type of zombie you want to be, then keep reading. If you aren’t sure which look you want to create, then go check out this post of the Top 50 Zombie Movies…then come back…we will wait. In this post, we will cover some of the MOST POPULAR zombie looks, and the zombie contacts that complete the look!

We LOVE zombie movies and television shows! There are many different types of zombies…and just as many looks for these undead fiends. This post won’t cover them all, but we will touch on the top looks based on popularity. Let’s dive right in!

Vampfangs - Walking Dead Zombie Contacts
Vampfangs – Dead Zombie

Glazed Eye Zombie Style Contact Lenses

Wildly popular “Walking Dead” and “Shaun of the Dead” have given rise to a massively popular trend in zombie contacts that make your eyes look glossed over and glazed. These lenses have an amazing look that cannot be duplicated by any other contact lens.

One thing to remember if you are going to create this look is that the lens is a BLOCKED VISION lens…which means that your vision will be extremely limited to non-existent. One way that alot of people incorporate this lens into their look is to use it in one eye only, and buy a secondary pair of zombie contacts to use for the other eye.

Cult Classics

Vampfangs - Berzerker - Zombie Contacts
Vampfangs – Berzerker
Vampfangs - White Manson Contact Lenses - Zombie Halloween Contacts
Vampfangs – Manson Style Zombie

Cult Classics like George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead” “Day of the Dead” and “Land of the Dead” have a few very distinctive looks. Lenses resembling Berzerker contacts can be seen in both of the films. In “Day of the Dead” some of the zombie eyes have a white glow to them. We carry the zombie contacts for each of these very popular looks!

In “Dawn of the Dead” the zombies have a look that we identify with the modern day zombie. White Manson contact lenses are commonly seen in other zombie movies and series as well. The Manson Style lenses also come in a variety of colors if you want to put a little different spin on your zombie look! Check out our full selection of Halloween Contact Lenses to find your style!

Modern Fast Moving Zombies

The fast moving zombies in “28 Days Later” and “28 Weeks Later” are a definite change of pace from the slow zombies we have all come to know and love. The zombies in these movies have stark red eyes and have a killer infected appearance. There are several styles of red lenses that fit these zombies perfectly! Here are the top zombie contacts for looks based on these 2 films.

Vampfangs Angelic Red contacts are great for creating a classic vampire look! These also have a connection to Twilight, indicating that the vampire has drank the blood of a human. Great for Halloween...or for anytime!
Vampfangs – Angelic Red
Vampfangs - Red Vampire Contact Lenses - Halloween Vampire Contacts - Corrective Options - Trusted Since 1993 - This classic style SCREAMS VAMPIRE! The solid white of the eye is heavily contrasted with the solid red of the lens that extends to the border of the lens...these things POP!
Vampfangs – Red Zombie

Corrective Options Available On Many Styles

If you need corrective lenses, then you are in luck! Many of the lenses listed here are available in corrective strengths all the way to -6.00! When you are browsing Vampfangs.com look for the eyeglass icon on the thumbnail image for each product. We are always working hard to add corrective lenses to our selection. If you have any questions about any of the products you see here in this post, or on any part of our website, just reach out! We are always here to help! If you are shopping for contact lenses, then read this post and this one too! Super important info that you MUST KNOW before ordering from us!

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