Can I Wear Colored Contacts With Brown Eyes?

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Can I Wear Colored Contacts With Brown Eyes?

If you’ve got brown eyes, you might not consider colored contacts for your costume. After all, light colors layered over your naturally dark eyes won’t look great, right?

Wrong! We’ve got a variety of colored contacts that will work well with your eyes and make you look awesome—not that you don’t already!

If you want to use colored contacts as part of a creepy costume, then look for dark or vibrant colors like red, black, or green. Some light-colored lenses will completely obscure your iris, including our White Out Contacts. If you’re not sure, check the reviews—our satisfied customers will let you know how well the contacts fit and how they look for nearly every product.

Looking to change your eye color for everyday use? We have a great selection of cosmetic contacts as well. Yes, you can have blue eyes—we print the color onto each lens instead of merely tinting them, so your natural eye color will be obscured. And you’ll still be able to see! We offer vision correction with many of our contacts, so no need to be blind for the sake of a costume.

Contacts aren’t a pricey investment for your costume. All our contact lenses are sold in pairs, so you know how much you’re paying! Other companies will try to mislead you by showing you the price of an individual contact, but why should you pay twice to make sure your eyes match?

One thing to note before ordering your perfect contacts—each order requires a prescription! It doesn’t matter if you need corrective lenses or not; you need to see your eye doctor before you order. We can help you with this quick process, and you’ll still be able to get your contacts in time for Halloween!

Whether you want to be terrifying, beautiful, or both this Halloween, colored contacts are the perfect way to get your ideal look. Pair them with fangs or FX prosthetics for a costume that stands out in your neighborhood.

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