Valentines Gifts? From a Vampire Store? In Salem, Massachusetts? As we prepare for a season where love bites (no matter how you look at it)… we hunt. We hunt for the perfect gifts for the ones we love or for ourselves. Creep with Vampfangs this season to snag some killer gifts, decorate your Crypt, and score your soon-to-be new fave cozy loungewear. If you have a hard time finding gifts that are worthy of being given by you, peek our collections of Killstar plush toys and truly unique books… or snag some incense or candles. Want to look hot for that certain someone (or for that selfie mirror?) Peek our new lingerie collection. If you are shopping for that “hard to shop” person in your life, check out our line of 3 layer embroidered cotton face masks. We spared no time or expense to craft what will undoubtedly be the most comfortable mask you have ever worn. Time to upgrade. Love Bites. Wear Black. Stay Cozy.

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