Complete Guide To Buying Halloween Contact Lenses Online

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Complete Guide To Buying Halloween Contact Lenses Online

How To Buy Halloween Contact Lenses And Other FX Contacts

Halloween Contact Lenses and other cosmetic lenses change your eye color just for fun. If you want to transform yourself safely, you need to be sure that you are buying a quality product from a reputable seller. There are 3 simple steps to the buying process:

1. Research
2. Purchase
3. Verify Prescription

In recent years, cosmetic and Halloween contact lenses have become monstrously popular! Each year, millions of people shop online for FX Contacts to help transform them into monsters. Our most popular lenses are zombie contacts, vampire contacts and werewolf contacts. There are scores of other types of ghoul, ghost, and creature lenses as well. With this rise in popularity, many online vendors have sprung up, hoping to capitalize on this trend.

Don’t be fooled by pop up shops slinging cheap halloween contacts! How can you be sure that the online store you are purchasing from is following the law?
What should you look for to be sure that the store you are buying from is carrying Halloween contact lenses that have been cleared by the FDA? This article will cover some of the basics you should be aware of when you are buying Halloween contact lenses online OR in local stores.

ALL Contact Lenses Require A Prescription!

Under Federal Law, ALL contact lenses are considered medical devices, and require a prescription. Whether or not the lenses are corrective or non-corrective DOES NOT MATTER! In order to purchase contact lenses in the United States, you must have a contact lens fitting / exam from a licensed Eye Care Professional. This routine exam will help to be sure that you are okay to wear contact lenses. It will also provide basic information about the fit of your lens. Everyone’s eyes are different. Here is a little more information from the FTC about cosmetic lenses.

Your doctor is required to provide you with your prescription at the conclusion of your appointment. Some doctors are STILL resisting the requirement to give your prescription to you…likely because they want to charge you more than you should be paying!

All sellers of contact lenses are required to verify the patient’s prescription before selling the lenses. This rule is known as the Contact Lens Rule, and it applies to online stores AND brick and mortar retailers.

Truth In Advertising

Watch out for the language that online and retail stores are using when promoting their contact lenses. Phrases like “FDA Approved” and “No Prescription Needed” should raise red flags immediately. Sellers using the classic “Rx badge” are also not accurately portraying contact lenses! Remember…they are ALL Prescription Lenses! The use of that type of advertising is prohibited by the FTC Rule, and likely means that the seller is not following many other aspects of the law. This means that you may be putting your health at risk!

All of the Halloween Contact Lenses and Cosmetic Contact Lenses for sale on are FDA Cleared! Our Premium CLS Lenses are also available in corrective strengths all the way to -6.00! Sometimes we run sales and special on lenses…check here for great deals!

You should also RUN if the seller attempts to get you to sign a waiver that releases them from liability. This is against the law, and generally an indication that they are selling illegal lenses that are not cleared by the FDA!

The Verification Process Vampfangs - VerifyMyLenses - Contact Lens Verification - Buying Halloween Contact Lenses Online

In accordance with the law, we verify prescriptions for all orders that are shipping to customers in the United States. This process is very simple, takes only a few minutes to complete, and helps us to ensure your safety. After you checkout from our online store, you will receive an email from our verification service. This email will be sent from in conjunction with VerifyMyLenses (VML). It is simple to complete, and only takes about 1 minute!

Once you click on the link, you will be asked to provide your doctor’s information. Upon completion, a fax or email will be sent to your doctor to verify your prescription. Once this happens, your doctor has 8 business hours to either approve or deny your request. If we don’t receive a denial response back from your eye care professional (ECP) within 8 business hours, your verification request is APPROVED.

Sometimes, doctors deny the request for verification. These denials could be for something as small as a transposed number…or as major as the patient not being on file with the doctor’s office. Please take your time when filling out the form, and be sure to click on the correct doctor. A wrong click from the dropdown menu can cost you days in lost time while we straighten out the order.

Manual verification is also an option. The closer we get to Halloween, time becomes critical! Prescription verifications can be performed by a Member of the Vampfangs Support Team who will call your doctor personally to receive approval. More information on this service to come soon!

Risks Of Buying Halloween Contact Lenses From Shady Dealers

Your vision is too important to take chances with. While nothing guarantees 100% safety, paying attention to the things mentioned above will help you to avoid sellers who are pushing illegal lenses. A quick Google search for contact lens injuries will open your eyes! It should be pretty clear that you should do everything you can in order to ensure you are buying from a reputable dealer.

When you purchase Halloween contact lenses from a dealer who doesn’t comply with the law, you could be putting your vision at risk. There is a chance you might be buying lenses that are not FDA cleared. You could be buying lenses that are expired, improperly packaged, or manufactured using dangerous materials. Counterfeit lenses have also been found, in some cases, to contain heavy metals which may leech into the wearer’s eye.

Established And Trusted Vendors

All contact lens sellers are NOT created equal! How long a company has been in business is not a guarantee that you can trust them, but it certainly is a factor in the overall equation. So many online sellers are here today and gone tomorrow. They see an opportunity to get into the Halloween market to make a quick buck…then POOF! Deal with reputable companies that have a long, established history of safe practices and customer support. Reputable companies should list a physical address on their site, and be readily available by email or by phone. You wouldn’t trust your eyes to a fly by night Eye Care Professional, so you should apply that same level of importance when buying your Halloween contact lenses.

Even with the incredibly steep penalties imposed by the FTC, $16,000 PER INCIDENT, some sellers take the chance…it amazes us. The FTC is serious about promoting competition in this space…and protecting the consumer’s safety. Protecting your safety is our NUMBER 1 priority. We comply with all laws and regulations and only offer you the highest quality Halloween contact lenses available.

Price Of Halloween Contact Lenses

If a price looks too good to be true…it probably is! Don’t be fooled by misleading ads. Is the price you are seeing for a SINGLE lens or a PAIR? Are the lenses a SINGLE WEAR, or are they DAILY WEAR? Lots of vendors advertise a super cheap price…only to pull the bait and switch when you actually click through to their website! It is a terrible practice, and we wholly condemn it!

Be sure you are comparing apples to apples when comparing online sellers. Price is not the only factor you should consider when purchasing your Halloween contact lenses online, but it certainly is important. Lots of vendors appear to be selling their lenses very cheaply…but in many cases, this is smoke and mirrors. What appears to be a great price for a PAIR of contacts, turns out to be not so great when you realize that their price is PER LENS!

Another thing to pay attention to is the life of the lens. The life of Halloween contact lenses range from One Day Wear all the way up to 1 YEAR. If you plan on wearing your contacts for longer than just 1 night, buy ones that are rated for long wear. Also, don’t compromise safety for price. Research the vendor. If the lenses are being shipped to you from outside the United States, alarm bells should be sounding!

Don’t Be The Fool

The low price you see on their website may mean that they are selling lenses that aren’t FDA cleared. Lenses that aren’t FDA cleared, don’t meet basic guidelines for safety established in the United States. Prices that seem too good to be true could mean that the lenses they are selling are illegal! Do your homework!

Don’t be fooled! You only get one set of eyes…protect them. NEVER compromise your vision just to save a few bucks! If you have any questions about safely buying Halloween Contact Lenses online, reach out to us! We are always here to help and offer any guidance we can!

Talk soon!


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