How To Cosplay Underworld

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How To Cosplay Underworld

How To Cosplay Underworld

We at Vampfangs were lucky to connect with these 2 great cosplayers through Instagram and were blown away when we saw these great shots! We are definitely looking forward to working more with them in the future! You can find links to their work at the end of this article!

Choose Your Character

While there is certainly no shortage of characters to choose from, for this article, we will focus on Selene and Lucian. These are the 2 most popular character choices when people are looking for info on how to cosplay Underworld. We will cover a little bit of head to toe, and provide links to products that you can use to complete the look.

Costume Clothing: Creating the Look

Now that you have chosen your character, it is time to start piecing together your costume! Before buying anything, you should look through your closet! We know that you have black boots, lots of leather with straps and buckles…maybe a trench…and who doesn’t have a leather catsuit lying around? If you don’t have these things ready at your disposal, shop locally at thrift stores, look online for individual pieces, or purchase the whole setup from one supplier. It isn’t cheap to pull this look off right…but it’s well worth it to achieve the finished look that really sells as the character!

Teeth: It’s All About The Fang Flash

Lucian Veneers for Underworld Cosplay
Full Set of Vampfangs Pro FX Lucian Veneers Shown

Lucian teeth are quite a bit different. They require a different approach. Instead of individual teeth caps, a full set of moldable custom Lucian Veneers is the best bet! The set contains an upper and a lower, molds with thermal beads and hot water in the matter of minutes, and can be remolded and reused forever! They do add some bulk to the mouth, but if you don’t want to pay big money for a full custom set of Lucian teeth, this is definitely a great choice! They pop in and out easy…and are comfortable for short and medium term wearing.

Vampfangs - Vampire Custom Fit Fangs by ScarecrowIn order to pull off the look for Selene, you will need some fangs. A custom set of fangs to cover your upper lateral incisors and upper canines can be very costly…hundreds of dollars in most cases. As a very affordable alternative, you should check out our Subtle Custom Fit Vampire Fangs. You can even use 2 pairs if you really need that ‘double fang’ look. These fang caps are incredibly comfortable and you can wear them for hours without feeling like you have a mouth full of marbles.

Eyes: Choosing the Right Contact Lenses

The right contact lenses add that finishing touch to the whole look and make your character pop! The right color and style choice is obviously a top concern…but number 1 priority is SAFETY! Before you actually make a purchase, you should read our complete guide on how to buy Halloween contacts online safely!

Even if have perfect 20/20 vision, you still need a prescription to purchase contact lenses. It’s the law! We know…we know…you can buy them over the counter in local stores. It’s illegal and unsafe. You must also enjoy eating sushi from your local gas station. No? Didn’t think so! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! You only get one set of eyes…NEVER put them at risk for a cosplay character! Buy from REPUTABLE sellers…ALWAYS!

Now that we have the safety info out of the way, let’s talk about the character’s eyes in the movie. When the vampires in the movie transform, their eyes turn either an electric blue or a bright gold. For Selene and Lucian, the top 2 character choices for cosplay, shades of blue work the best. Our Top Choice is the Angelic Blue CLS lenses. They are among the most intense and vibrant we have ever seen, and the clearly defined black limbal ring around the perimeter is eye-catching! It makes the electric blue pop! Even better, they are available in corrective strengths, so you don’t have to compromise your ability to see clearly to cosplay!

Runners up for the look are Shiva, Blue Zombie, and Blue Manson Contacts.

  • Angelic Blue FX Contact Lenses – Gothika – Pair

    5.00 out of 5

    or 4 payments of $11.11

  • GOTHIKA Shiva FX Contact Lenses – Pair

    5.00 out of 5

    or 4 payments of $11.11

  • GOTHIKA Blue Zombie FX Contact Lenses – Pair

    0 out of 5

    or 4 payments of $11.11

  • GOTHIKA Blue Manson FX Contact Lenses – Pair

    0 out of 5

    or 4 payments of $11.11

Hair & Accessories: Icing On The Cake

The costume wouldn’t be complete without the right hair, arm guards, leg holsters and guns! We get asked all the time by people who are learning how to cosplay Underworld for the first time whether the small details like this are really important….ABSOLUTELY they are!

If your hair is about the right length and color, you may be lucky enough to not have to go wig shopping. With the right styling, you will be able to pull off the look! But if you need a wig, there are plenty of places to find them! Real human hair wigs can get pretty pricey…but if you are looking for an affordable option, synthetic might be a good choice. This wig is made of human-like, synthetic materials, and is washable too.

Talk the Talk…Walk the Walk

The last piece of this…the thing that can tie it ALL together is the way that you move, speak, and carry yourself. The distinct walk…the nuances of their speech and the mannerisms they use. To put the final touches on your Underworld cosplay character…and solidify yourself as a Badass…a little bit of pre-game study is in order. Might we suggest a little binge watching of the Underworld series of movies…if you can’t stream them online, try checking here for single movies and box sets!

When you combine all of the tips above with the right character traits, you bring that character to life! Nail the details, and you will have people doing double takes!

Your Comments & Input

We hope that our post about how to Cosplay Underworld will come in handy when you are putting together your character. These are some dark, badass characters that are some of the best that Modern Vampire Culture has to offer! Suit up…it’s time to hunt!

Vampfangs Fan Cosplaying Underworld

Credits for Photography and Models

Photography / retouch: Jenkins Photography | Facebook | Instagram
Lucian: Essie of Bittersuites Cosplay | Facebook | Instagram
Selene: Kayleigh Gwen | Facebook | Instagram

Thank you again from Vampfangs to this awesome group of Cosplayers for allowing us to share their photos as part of our writeup on how to Cosplay Underworld! They put together some seriously kickass characters and the photos are Top Notch! Keep up the great work everyone! Talk soon!!!

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