Scarecrow Fangs

Scarecrow Fangs are the Finest Custom Fit Fangs Anywhere!
Custom Vampire Fangs In Minutes! Realistic and Ultra Comfortable!

Scarecrow Fangs – Vampfangs Custom Fit Vampire Fangs – Since 1993

Vampfangs has proudly offered Scarecrow Vampire Fangs for over 20 Years! Scarecrow Fangs are the most comfortable, quick, custom vampire fangs you will ever wear! If you are shopping for the perfect fangs for your Halloween costume, then your search is over! Our fangs complete your character…no matter what Halloween costume you are assembling.
The types of creatures and monsters you can create is endless. We offer lots of different styles, including metallic fangs, and colored fangs! Check out sale section also for great deals on closeouts and flash sales!! Our most popular fangs come in two variations: Classic and Subtle. Vampire costumes, werewolf costumes, large fangs and small!
Create your monster from head to toe. Fangs and teeth complete your Halloween look with varieties such as Shredders, Werewolf, Retractable Fangs, and More! Extra long Vampire Fangs like our Sabers are over the top and aggressive! Shop now for your Vampire Fangs custom made for Vampfangs by Scarecrow!