Dark Couple Goals

February is the month of love. There’s Valentine’s Day, opportunities to cuddle in the cold weather, and one of the most popular times of year for couples to get engaged. We like it a little darker than a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Check out our #couplegoals below.


Wearing the Occult

Words and symbols have power. You have the ability to make those symbols work for you by the way you combine them. This can be as simple as speaking ancient words or wearing meaningful symbols on your clothing. Vampfangs is proud to now carry Dark Alchemy – a new line of apparel that celebrates alchemic symbols and ancient runes—and can possibly share their power with your life.


Can I Wear Colored Contacts With Brown Eyes?

If you’ve got brown eyes, you might not consider colored contacts for your costume. After all, light colors layered over your naturally dark eyes won’t look great, right?

Wrong! We’ve got a variety of colored contacts that will work well with your eyes and make you look awesome—not that you don’t already! (more…)

Zombie Contact Lenses Inspired By Film And Television

Zombie Contacts To Push Your Halloween Character Over The Top

If you are creating a zombie look for Halloween, then you have come to the right place! Want to base your character on a certain type of zombie that you saw on a popular television series or in one of your favorite movies? (more…)

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An Apothecary bottle of Vampfangs Fragrance: No.2 Salem Witch Shop photographed in an actual Salem Witch Shop named Hex. A cracked, wooden board with an etched in skull. Smoking rose petals and some green moss complete the photo as accents.

Vampfangs Fragrance Collection by Dark Alchemy – No.2 Salem Witch Shop

Vampfangs Fragrance Collection by Dark Alchemy – No.2 Salem Witch Shop

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Our revamped fragrance collection is here! Purchase 1 of the first 50 new bottles of Salem Witch Shop and you could be the lucky one to find an Autographed Coffin Box by our Queen of the Vampires: Madame V!


Complete Guide To Buying Halloween Contact Lenses Online

How To Buy Halloween Contact Lenses And Other FX Contacts

Halloween Contact Lenses and other cosmetic lenses change your eye color just for fun. If you want to transform yourself safely, you need to be sure that you are buying a quality product from a reputable seller. There are 3 simple steps to the buying process:

Halloween Contacts

Looking for Halloween Contacts? You found them!

Since 1993 Vampfangs has been offering some of the finest Halloween contacts and special effects in the industry. Working side by side with some of Hollywood’s top artists. In addition we have been providing FDA Cleared Halloween Contact Lenses both safely, and legally for many years. Offering a huge selection of Halloween Contact Lenses and in prescriptions from 0.00 to -6.00!

Looking for the most vibrant, comfortable Halloween Contact Lenses? Click Here to view our entire selection! (more…)

The Magic of Internal Make-Up

I recently posed a question on Facebook about whether people felt us as Americans have become desensitized to horror. If we have just expected a better quality scare or better quality effects in all media surrounding us. The response was overwhelming. We have. We expect better… we expect it to be realistic and believable in all its graphic and disgusting nature. Although we hate to admit it… it’s the truth.

Which leads me to this weeks blog. The Magic of Internal Makeup.

Wait… what? Internal makeup? No I have not lost my mind. Let me explain. I will break it down into two categories.

Teeth and Eyes