Dedicated On-Demand Support Ninjas

Vampfangs is happy to launch our new interactive support system. Accessing a support rep is easy!

Click Here to fill out a priority support ticket!

On Demand Support put you directly in touch with senior level support agents. Each agent has complete control to make a decision to help you with your order. If we are not available for instant chat simple fill out a request form.

STOP! Take A Deep Breath!

So many people are panicking emailing us. Relax…. deep breath… it’s going to be ok. Here is some common questions answered.

  1. Where are my contact lenses? ANSWER If you filed out the prescription verification form and your counter has hit zero OR your eye doctor approved you are all set! They are on the way! If you ignored prescription verification thinking the laws do not apply to you then you are NOT getting your lenses! It’s a FEDERAL LAW we have to send a fax to your eye doctor before we can ship. If you neglected to fill out the form we will be manually processing cancellations and refunds. This takes time… you need to be patient.
  2. Tracking – Check the notes in your order… this is where we put the tracking information. If it says dropship that means it is coming from our GA facility and being rushed. Again… deep breath… they are coming.
  3. Shipping times – Priority mail is 1-3 days anywhere in the US and they deliver on SAT. Priority Express is 1-2 day overnight and they deliver on SAT AND SUN. So last minute shoppers this is your best bet.

Support representatives are available Mon-Fri 9am-4:30 PM EST
If it’s after business hours don’t worry. We have reps that monitor late night tickets as well!