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Our support ticket system puts you directly in touch with senior level support agents. Support representatives are available Mon-Fri 9am-4:00 PM EST. If it’s after business hours don’t worry. We have reps that monitor late night tickets as well! Please do not call, or reply to your confirmation email (that is not a monitored email)… Trouble tickets REALLY are the fastest way to get in touch with us!)


Vampfangs FAQs

Q: Non corrective lenses need doctor approval?
A: YES THEY DO. It’s a FEDERAL LAW. All contact lenses are considered medical devices and per United States Law REQUIRE doctor approval. Be VERY weary of any company who tells you differently… those lenses they sell may have fallen off the back of a truck… and your eyes are worth more! We take your safety very seriously and we comply with all federal laws regarding lenses. (read here)

Q: Corrective lenses need doctor approval?
A: YES THEY DO. It’s a FEDERAL LAW. (read here).

Q: Can I return lenses once I get them?
A: For safety reasons, the only returns we accept on lenses are from manufacturer damages. (For more information read here).

Q: I don’t have an eye doctor, now what?
A: You NEED doctor approval to wear any contact lenses which means you can not get lenses without it. The good news… it’s EASY to set up an exam!

Q: I ordered lenses, what happens now?
A: Congrats! You placed an order… however your order is not complete yet! There is one more step. You should receive an email with more information on how to submit your doctor’s info. Check your spam and junk folders! For more info read here

Q: I’m having problems submitting my doctors info, now what?
A: Not a problem! Click Here and submit a trouble ticket and we can help. Please include your eye doctors name, fax and phone number.

Q: Where are my contact lenses?
A: If you filled out the prescription verification form and your counter has hit zero OR your eye doctor approves your order… you’re all set! They are on the way!

Q: How do I track my order?
A: Check the notes in your order… this is where we put the tracking information.

Q: Whats the deal with shipping?
A: Priority mail is 1-3 days anywhere in the US and they deliver on SAT. Priority Express is 1-2 day overnight and they deliver on SAT AND SUN. So last minute shoppers this is your best bet.