Teddy Scares

Scary Teddy Bears For Gifts And Collectors

Teddy Scares – Badass Zombie Teddy Bears

Meet Redmond Gore, Edwin Morose, and Annabelle Wraithia: a Teddy Scares Limited Edition Collection. If you are shopping for the perfect gift, or are an avid collector, then you are in the right place! Each bear is unique, memorable, and has their own deep backstory. Every one of our horror themed teddy bears is a completely developed character head to toe, and even comes with their own unique accessories.

Because this is a limited production run, we cannot guarantee future stock. The scarcity of this collection is already driving prices up in other markets! We will hold our prices as long as we can, but prices are subject to change at any time…so lock your orders in now!

Vampfangs is proud to offer this Teddy Scares Limited Edition collection to you. Once they are gone, they are GONE! Don’t miss your opportunity to get your hands on this much sought after collection!