Premium CLS Contact Lenses

Our Most Comfortable FX Contact Lenses – Corrective to -6.00!

Our Color Lock System (CLS) Lenses are the most comfortable lenses we carry. The color is sealed inside of the lens, which means no rubbing on the inside of your eyelid! All CLS FX Contact Lenses are good for one year from the time of open! If you are looking for a super comfortable lens that you can wear year round, then look no further! The Angelic series is our most popular collection. This classically inspired line is striking in color and with plenty of options, they are versatile enough to create a huge variety of characters and monsters. We love to see all of your great costumes and characters! Send us pictures of yourself in action! You never know if your photo will end up on our website or social media. In addition to sending us photos, you can also post them in the review/discussion section of each item in our Shop!