His & Hers Fragrance Gift Set

His & Hers Fragrance Gift Set

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Mix and mingle with this fragrance gift set. Black Cloak #4 for Him… FM #3 For Her. Each bottle of fragrance comes in its own 3 inch Handmade Coffin Box. They come nested inside of a larger 8 inch Handmade Coffin Box presented tissue paper and 6 black silk roses.

Plus…think of how cool it will look when it’s wrapped!

FM Oil is probably the sexiest male attention getting scent we have ever come across. A LITTLE goes a long way!

FM is very different than the Immortal Oil we carry. The smell is unmistakable, light, pleasant, warm. The magic smell of physical tension that only a woman could weave around a man. Mixed with your natural charms, smile and steady eye contact he won’t be able to resist. Remember SMALL amounts. A small dab on the wrists and behind the earlobes. It’s an oil, so the scent lasts. FM comes in our black coffin box. The presentation is perfect for such a potent power.

A lot of people ticket in to ask what FM stands for. Well…. there is a long story to that… But, for now we will keep it simple. FM stands for [email protected]#k Me Oil.

Black Cloak was specifically designed here at Vampfangs for the ULTIMATE in male scents. We wanted to offer a scent that wasn’t overpowering and perfumy. This smell is very refreshing and dark, unmistakably masculine. Also, a HUGE favorite with the ladies when we test marketed this scent. Guys, this is the one, trust us.

Each fragrance is expertly mixed to order by our master craftsmen. Our fragrance oils are far superior to regular colognes and perfumes found on the market today.

Each scent is specially formulated with the finest oils to produce an effect that lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional colognes and perfumes without making the scent overpowering! These small bottles pack a big punch!

Compare a small drop against several sprays of your favorite scent! All it takes is a small dab on the wrists or your favorite spot for all day results. Each bottle is hand filled to order and contains approx 1/2 ounce of your favorite scent.

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