Top 5 Ugly Sweaters For Halloween Lovers

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Top 5 Ugly Sweaters For Halloween Lovers

It’s that time of year again! People gather to celebrate the holidays, and ugly sweater parties have become a popular theme over the recent years. But how can you inject a little bit of your own personality into this commercial trend? Well… we have scoured the web and assembled our list of the Top 5 Ugly Sweaters For Halloween Lovers! Whether you just want to be cute and spooky, or go full bore twisted humor… there is something out there for you!

[email protected]#% Santa and Frosty!

This design is a winner in our book and features our favorite Christmas Icon: Krampus! If you are looking for a simple sweater with a classic feel, this black and white design is readable from across the room and is sure to stand out in a sea of annoying color! Merry Krampus!

Merry Krampus Ugly Sweater available at DentzDenim Etsy Shop
Merry Krampus Ugly Sweater – DentzDenim Etsy Shop

Classic and Cute

This classic design includes all of the traditional symbols of Halloween. It is family friendly, and safe for all occasions. Great if you just want to inject a little Spooky into the holiday parties! This design is available from Too Fast’s online store.

Hocus Pocus Bats, Ghosts & Pumpkins Cult Halloween Sweater – by Rat Baby

Horror Fanatic Top Choice

Our top ch-ch-ch-choice for horror fanatics is this Friday the 13th design featuring the iconic Jason hockey mask. So much nostalgia! So many fond memories… knowing that the ones doing drugs and having sex were going to die first! Jason sure knew how to ruin a party…

Friday the 13th Ugly Sweater Design - Middle of Beyond
Friday the 13th Design – Middle of Beyond

A Touch Of Spooky Class

Who says sweater vests can’t be cool? If you are Urkel at heart… or you are keeping up with the latest trends in fashion, this vest will set you apart and let your own personality shine through. Wear it for the holidays or anytime you want to stand out from the crowd!

 Torrid Argyle Skull Halloween Ugly Sweater Vest
Torrid Argyle Skull Halloween Ugly Sweater Vest

Zombie Frosty Ugly Sweater? Yessssssss!

Middle of Beyond makes our list again. If you want to take it to the extreme, this zombie snowman design is for you! A subtle black / white / gray design is complimented so well by the POP of blood…. errrrrrr…  color! Turn heads at the holiday party and traumatize the children. Snowmen will NEVER be the same!

Zombie Snowman Holiday Sweater available at Middle of Beyond
Zombie Snowman Holiday Sweater – Middle of Beyond

Show Us Your Ugly Sweater

We’d love to see YOUR Ugly Sweater! What characters and designs are your favorite? We love inserting our dark style into the holidays. Halloween, horror, zombies, Krampus, skulls… these are some of our favorite things! Don’t forget to find a gift set or horror ornament for your Yankee Swap too!

Merry Krampus to all… and to all a good night!

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