Author - Scott Smiledge

Halloween Contact Lenses

Since 1993 Vampfangs has been offering some of the finest special effects in the industry. Working side by side with some of Hollywood’s top artists. In addition we have been providing FDA Cleared Halloween Contact Lenses both safely, and legally for many years. Offering a huge selection of Halloween Contact Lenses and in prescriptions from 0.00 to -6.00!

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Is There Really A Difference In Lenses?

YES! We know you can buy cheap lenses from China on the internet. But are they cleared by the FDA to be sold in the USA? Probably not. Vampfangs triple checks each lenses clearance before we allow them to be a part of our line. This way you know your lenses are manufacturers to the highest quality standards.

Comfort Matters! Our Halloween Contact Lenses are CLS lenses. CLS stands for Color Lock System. This means the color and design is sandwiched inside the lens! Your eye NEVER comes in contact with the inks… ever! This offers a level of comfort that the cheap lenses simply cannot compete with.

Keeping It Legal

There is still many people that do not know that the FDA considers all contact lenses. Even Halloween Contact Lenses medical devices that require a prescription from and eye care professional. Vampfangs works closely with to make sure the paperwork and verification is virtually painless. The process takes less than 2 minutes and can just a few clicks. VerifyMyLenses.Com is the only contact lens verification system available to retailers. We love it! Why? Well. We created it! As founder of Vampfangs I knew there needed to be a solution for stores to sell contact lenses safely and legally under the federal laws. So we spent 5 years building VML and are so happy with how easy and effective it is.

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Speed Increases

We have been hard at work optimizing the speed of the Vampfangs network! We are seeing 200% speed increases across the board and faster, and more responsive mobile experiences! We hope that these tweks make your shopping experience more enjoyable!


Change To Single Lens Ordering

Change 2/28/17

Sold per pair is back! We heard you loud and clear! All contact lenses on the site are sold per pair now!

For many many years we have always sold lenses per pair. Most customers preferred to just get a single pair and it was easier to simply grab and ship lenses. But we are seeing more and more customers that require a different style lens per eye. It’s a trend that we have seen grow over the past 2 years and we are adapting our system to accommodate!

Starting today all Gothika Theatrical Lenses will be sold per lens instead of per pair. We have marked the item name with “Single Lens” and noted this in the product description as well.

We are excited to see the combinations of lenses that our customers choose this Halloween season!


Welcome to the new Vampfangs!

We are so excited to launch this new version of Vampfangs! As we say goodbye to bloated and busted BigCommerce and switch to a system that is so much more user friendly! Over the next couple weeks we will be making some enhancements as we prep the site to interact with Google properly and speed things up! Here is some of the things that we are really excited about.

  1. ALL SECURE! Vampfangs is now HTTPS secure! Every page is encrypted to protect your shopping experience!
  2. More streamlined! Finally you can store your payment info for easier checkout! And finally Pay with Amazon!
  3. Every product page has a discussion link. Rate products, ask questions or upload photos and videos!
  4. Cooler mobile experience that makes checkout faster
  5. Contact lenses are searchable by color, rx and brand!
  6. All accounts get issued a personalized monster avatar lol
  7. No more stock issues! If we don’t have it you will see a link to one of our resellers that does!

So interact with us! You can now comment on these posts! I read each one and value your input!

Onward and upward!



Lean, Mean, Fighting Machine

Where Is Everything?

As I write this the new site is still not launched. But today a decision was made to get rid of 70% of the products we carry on Vampfangs. You might ask. Why in the world would you want to do that?!!!

The answer is quite simple. Over the past few years only 30% of the items we offered on Vampfangs actually sold consistently. We found that overloading our customers with too many choices let to a poor site experience. Some customers loved that we carried pretty much everything, some did not.

I’ll give an example. We carried 10 different types of stage blood. 10! We carried all of the industry standard bloods like Mehron and Graftobian, Kryolan and a few others. The logic was easy on this one. Tinsley who makes the best blood on the market and who is a friend of Vampfangs truly does make the best of the best. So why carry the others? Choosing blood should be simple. Light, dark, drying or gel.  No need to complicate it with a ton of brands.

Let me be clear about something. Our decision to shed many of these brands had nothing to do with their quality or products. Some of them I am actually kinda heartbroken about parting ways. Companies that we have been operating with for 20 plus years.

This sounds sad. Why are you doing this again?

Vampfangs has always been about using our experience in the make-up industry to bring you the best of the best. Providing what you NEED to make the ultimate costume or look. And I think for a few years we lost focus on that. We specialize in teeth and eyes… did we really need to offer the naughty nurse outfit with leather whip? Probably not lol.

We really hope you enjoy the new lean, mean version of Vampfangs!



The Magic of Internal Make-Up

I recently posed a question on Facebook about whether people felt us as Americans have become desensitized to horror. If we have just expected a better quality scare or better quality effects in all media surrounding us. The response was overwhelming. We have. We expect better… we expect it to be realistic and believable in all its graphic and disgusting nature. Although we hate to admit it… it’s the truth.

Which leads me to this weeks blog. The Magic of Internal Makeup.

Wait… what? Internal makeup? No I have not lost my mind. Let me explain. I will break it down into two categories.

Teeth and Eyes

For those of you that have been following me over the years you know I am a big fan of teeth and eyes. Well… hence Vampfangs right? I can wear an amazing set of lenses and put in some crazy teeth and thats all I need to create a character. Something about effects that are inside the body. It just sells it better. In fact I think that I get more of a character response if that’s all I wear. Well, I mean costume and makeup… not running around naked LOL.

The aspect of looking into someones eyes and seeing something supernatural. Something that fx lenses can only create, still has a powerful effect on people. Same with teeth. But they need to be realistic and believable.

Now this idea isn’t just for horror or monsters. It can affect everyday beauty makeup as well. Using contacts to brighten the eyes. Special dental tricks to improve and brighten our smiles. It all has such a powerful effect on our image. I would much rather see interesting eyes and a cleaner smile than any beauty makeup in the world. What good is airbrushed makeup if the eyes and teeth are dull? Think about it…. would you rather look at a girl with pretty eyes and a big bright smile or a girls with flawless makeup with dental issues and dull eyes? Bright smile and eyes wins every time.

Inside the Gore

The other part of internal makeup I want to discuss is horror and wounds. Or more important. Inside the wounds. When we think of gore what are we really looking at? We are looking at the trauma… or more importantly… inside the trauma. So many makeup artists starting out focus too much on the mess. The blood and neglect the actual wound itself. Blood is cool and all…. but it has to be believable and SPARSE. Show the wound…. show the skin… show inside the wound… that’s what will really sell it. What does it look like inside the person that’s cut open? Is it realistic? Focus on that and your makeup projects will look 1000 times better.