Author - Scott Smiledge

Halloween Contacts

Looking for Halloween Contacts? You found them!

Since 1993 Vampfangs has been offering some of the finest Halloween contacts and special effects in the industry. Working side by side with some of Hollywood’s top artists. In addition we have been providing FDA Cleared Halloween Contact Lenses both safely, and legally for many years. Offering a huge selection of Halloween Contact Lenses and in prescriptions from 0.00 to -6.00!

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The Magic of Internal Make-Up

I recently posed a question on Facebook about whether people felt us as Americans have become desensitized to horror. If we have just expected a better quality scare or better quality effects in all media surrounding us. The response was overwhelming. We have. We expect better… we expect it to be realistic and believable in all its graphic and disgusting nature. Although we hate to admit it… it’s the truth.

Which leads me to this weeks blog. The Magic of Internal Makeup.

Wait… what? Internal makeup? No I have not lost my mind. Let me explain. I will break it down into two categories.

Teeth and Eyes