Endless Night Salem Vampire Salon: Attire

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Endless Night Salem Vampire Salon: Attire

Q: What EXACTLY is the dress code?

A: The Endless Night Vampire Salon dress code is simple- wear ALL BLACK! Fangs are encouraged. Semi-formal to formal: this can include a simple black cocktail dress, elaborate vampire aristocratic wear, classic black buttoned shirt with dress pants, or a simple black suit. There is no need to complicate or stress it- unless you desire (we love to dress so we will!). From simple comfortable cocktail attire to elaborate Vampire Formal, you should feel comfortable and elegant in whatever you choose.
If you wish to go beyond simple black cocktail attire, peek here at pinterest board ideas for Gentlemen and here for Ladies.

Q: Simple. What does this NOT include?

A: Think of this event as an all black attire and gothic upscale night out. Please do not arrive in sneakers, flip flops, sandals, street clothes, t shirts, baseball caps, sports jerseys, khakis, blue jeans, super hero costumes, cartoon characters, OR ANY ITEM that contains  neo-nazism or fascist symbols. If you arrive in any of these above items, you will not be allowed entry and will not be given a refund.We are happy to answer any questions about attire BEFORE the evening of the event so you have time to prepare.

Q: I can be denied entry?

A: Unfortunately, yes- for blatant disregard of the all black dress code and exclusions above. In the instance that you are denied entry, you may challenge the denial by requesting a review by one of the Masters/Mistresses of Ceremonies. In the event that none of them are available, the decision of the Gatekeeper shall stand.

Q: What needs to be “covered”?

A: Please keep this a classy all black attire event- you are representing Witch City Halo after all! We require all intimate body parts covered… this includes genitalia and nipples. If you would not be legally allowed to walk outside, you will not be allowed to walk inside.

Q: This all seems easy and exciting. What Else?

A: Have fun with your all black attire and do not stress! You can be as glamorous in Vampire Aristocracy or demure as you would like in simple cocktail attire- both are excepted and appreciated. The Endless Night Salem Vampire Salon is an exciting experience… you should feel as good as you will look. If you have any questions about attire or dress code, please feel free to reach out to Vampfangs online or in store.

Still Need Tickets?

You may purchase tickets here >

You are cordially invited a private event for Endless Night – The Salem Vampire Salon. This event is the central gathering for the Vampire Culture (VC) and community of Salem, and New England.

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