Five Reasons You Should Wear More Lingerie

Black Lingerie on a Bed of Roses. Bralet by Killstar
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Five Reasons You Should Wear More Lingerie

Why should you wear more lingerie? The reasons are many… in this blog post, we break down some of the most common answers that we get when we ask this question.  The psychology behind this has evolved throughout the centuries. Time to have some fun.

Wearing Something Sexy Makes You Feel Sexy.

Model wearing black lacy lingerie with a powerful, dominant look in her eyes.
Model Beatriz Mariano in Ever Ayla Lace Bralet by Killstar.

Vampires have embraced this for centuries. The clothes you choose… the accessories you finish your look with… even your footwear and grooming all play a role in this. There is something about slipping into a fresh suit or a sexy little black dress that changes your entire mood and shifts your energy. You carry yourself better and present a more powerful version of yourself. Don’t underestimate this simple connection. The things that you put on your body have a direct impact on how you feel. This starts with the things you wear most closely to your body… whether other people see them or not. Your look. That stare. Your presence and power. Trust us on this one. You WILL feel different.

Wearing Lingerie Builds Self Confidence.

When you wear more lingerie, you feel sexy and your confidence gets a major boost. You let loose. Dance without care. You carry yourself with more confidence and give less f*cks about what people think. This confidence bleeds into every corner of your life and is liberating. You will create opportunity for yourself and take risks that you have always wanted to… but were too shy or reserved to take in the past. Remember how you felt when you donned your Vampire fangs for the first time? Yeah, it’s kinda like that. Pair the 2 together for a deadly combination.

Lingerie Shows Off Your Curves.

With as many different cuts and styles of lingerie as there are body shapes, experiment and find the ones that show off your favorite curves. Everyone is different and you should embrace those differences. If you love to show off your ass, peek at our Sacred Circle Panty with g-string styling. If you are more inclined to wear lingerie that will cover your abdomen but still show some killer cleavage, the Ever Ayla Bra might be the right choice. Whatever curves you love…. rock ’em! The right lingerie choice will show them off… turn up the dial on sex appeal. You got this!

Wearing More Lingerie Pushes You Outside Your Comfort Zone.

If you are used to playing it safe with your wardrobe and lingerie choices… it’s time to embrace your inner Vamp and step outside your comfort zone. When we push our limits and move into areas outside of our normal comfort zones, we grow. We find things out about ourselves that we never knew before. Qualities emerge that were previously hidden. We grow. We adapt. Thrive. Evolve. Embrace your primal nature. Push your limits… you might love what you become.

Lingerie Surprises Your Lover.

Model posing in bed, wearing black strappy lingerie and holding red roses. She is waiting for her lover.
Model Obsidian Kerttu in Sacred Circle Bralet & Panty by Killstar.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or no occasion at all, wearing lingerie for your lover is always a great surprise. How you craft the surprise is up to you… but here are a few of our faves.

  1. Give them a glimpse by letting the top of your stockings peek through, or choose a top that let’s the high neck choker collar shine as a statement. This is our favorite for letting anticipation build for the maximum time possible. Glimpses and teases throughout the day is a surefire way to set the stage for powerful energy exchange later.
  2. Let them unwrap you without realizing they are even in for a treat! That look on their face and in their eyes once they realize what is happening is priceless. Enjoy it. There aren’t many things that evoke this reaction.
  3. Shock and awe. This can take two approaches. You can either enter the room, already wearing your stunning intimates or be waiting for them once they enter the room. Both of these usually get the same reaction, so it is really just a matter of preference. We are partial to the first approach. There is just something about entering a room and feeling the energy shift that is addictive and intoxicating.

Pulling It All Together.

Okay… so these are our top reasons why you should wear more lingerie. You might share some of the same reasons or have your own that are completely different. Outfitting yourself in dark, elegant, and seductive lingerie is always a good choice in our book… whatever the reasons are. So start with something sexy and embrace the feeling. Build your confidence and push outside of your comfort zone. Show off your curves and revel in the energy shift that comes from surprising your lover.

Power. Confidence. Sex appeal. You got this!

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