Haunted Houses Near You

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Haunted Houses Near You

Keeping Up With Haunted Destinations & Spooky News

We know that you all LOVE Halloween… and that you also want to stay updated on spooky news throughout the year! Well we have an awesome source for you. They cover TONS of topics, ranging from movie and television news to actual haunted locations across the country, including haunted hotels and haunted house attractions. Check them out at FrightFind.com. You won’t be disappointed!

Haunted Houses Near You

We have a love for haunted attractions… some might call it an unhealthy obsession… but what do they know? We love every part of attending these events, and have even had a bit of experience producing them ourselves (more on this at a later time). You can browse their directory by state or region, as well as by type of attraction. If you are looking for Haunted Houses Near You, then use their filter feature and narrow them down by zip code!

Haunted Farm Attractions

Of all the different types of haunted attractions, we are drawn to farms the most. Maybe it’s the unmatched atmosphere that a farm has to offer…or maybe it’s the eerie feeling we get when we think about the haunted history of these locations. No matter what the reasons, it is tough to beat. Many Haunted Farms have a whole night worth of experiences to enjoy! The sights, sounds, and smells you will encounter at a haunted farm attraction cannot be matched at an indoor haunted attraction. Being inside of a corn field at night is enough to give you chills. Check out their list of pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hayrides near you! Be sure to pick up a cider donut while you are there!

If you are looking for a couple of recommendations, here are two that we LOVE! Legends of Fear in Shelton, Connecticut has been running for over 20 years, and is set on a multigenerational Christmas Tree Farm. A truly amazing experience! Night Terrors Haunted Farm in Schoharie, New York is a multi-attraction haunted destination with a hayride, haunted trail, and a haunted corn field. Outstanding team of actors and an unforgettable night out!

Movies & Television

Fright Find also puts together some great articles and reviews on movies and television shows in the horror and haunted genre. We happen to be partial to vampire and zombie movies and shows… but quite frankly, we love them all! It’s tough to argue with most of the movies that made their top list of modern zombie movies! I mean… come on… who wouldn’t want to hit the hookah with Bill Murray?

They also cover REAL haunted hotels, paranormal activity and locations, and lots of other macabre and spooky events! There is way too much to list here in this brief article… so head over to Fright Find and check them out!

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